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We program with passion

We program with passion and have developed the BIM HVACTool as a solution to our own challenges. Now, we want to help you solve your own problems.

As engineers with experience in building design, we have developed a tool that brings clarity to the complex field of simulations, focusing specifically on the application in architecture and building services engineering (TGA).

The BIM HVACTool was developed by engineers, doctors, and professors in the fields of building physics, architecture, and TGA to support planners in these areas. It is software created by engineers for engineers. The development took place in Germany, but we have a global presence.

By using our software in our own projects, our customers have been able to optimize their designs and processes through numerical simulations. This allowed them to make informed decisions in advance, reduce costs, use resources energy efficiently, and avoid failures. The result is a high-quality end product for the customer.

Our experience and the feedback from our customers help us improve the software month after month. The interaction and feedback from our users are an integral part of the continuous development of our tool. Providing satisfactory support to our users is therefore an integral part of our company culture.

We look forward to getting in touch with you.

Thomas Tian